Dental Services

As you will see during your visit, we invest in the most recent dental techniques and technology to ensure that our patients have the best dental care available. From our state of the art cavity detecting scanner, the latest in digital radiography for your safety, to our extensive training and expertise you will find we offer superior equipment and materials.


The Diagnodent is the greatest advance in dental diagnostics since the x-ray to detect tooth decay . The Laser Scanner can detect new cavities years before any other means of cavity detection.


Carifree technology is the most advanced system to test and treat oral cavity causing bacteria. Utilizing a ph balanced treatment system and products, you can control these harmful bacteria to prevent decay and protect to create longevity for your existing dental work.


Oraverse can reduce and reverses the effects of anesthesia. Now there is no need to wait for the anesthesia effects to wear off to be able to smile, talk, and eat normally.


CEREC technology allows patients the convenience of having a dental crown made in only one visit! This amazing dental technology allows our patients the convenience of having restorative treatment completed in one visit.