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In that today marks the launch of the final mission of the Space Shuttle program, it seems fitting to note some of the things that NASA has developed in the process of escaping gravity and taking man into space.


Since this is primarily a dental blog, I first have to mention the improvements in dental technology that development of the Shuttle brought us. 


The ceramic tiles which didn’t want to stay in place during early test flights immediately come to mind.  Fortunately when these issues were solved, dentistry as we knew it was changed forever.  New materials that would replace missing tooth structure were combined with unheard of adhesives to produce methods of restoring teeth that no only reproduced the strength of natural tooth structure, but were able to mimic the esthetics as well. 


As nice as a shiny gold tooth looks on a front tooth (!), we can agree that having one that is undetectable is far more desirable.  Now, thanks to computer aided design combined with wireless technology and ceramic milling technology, all of which were developed or improved by NASA, you can go to the dentist and in one visit have a custom milled tooth replacement designed, fabricated and placed in a few hours.  No temporaries falling out, and no second appointment.  Pretty Cool!


Next time… more cool stuff from NASA.

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